Vulnerary3Restore health by 10.
Elixer3Restore all health.
Antitoxin3Cures poison.
Pure Water3Temporialy increase RES. Effect weakens after each turn.
Door key1Unlocks Doors.
Chest key1Unlocks a Chest.
Lockpick15Unlocks doors and chests. Thiefs and Assasins only.
Torch5Increases visibility during F.O.W by 7 squares.
Mine1Inflicts 10 damage to anyone who steps on a mine.
Light Rune1Prevents movement over one square.
Afa's Drop1Increases growth rates by 5.
Iron Rune-Negates critical hits.
Delphina Shield-Negates a flying units weakness against archers.
Red Gem1Sell for 2500 Gold.
Blue Gem1Sell for 5000 Gold.
White Gem1Sell for 10000 Gold.
Silver Card-Reduces the price of items by 50%.
Member Card-Allows holder to access Secret Shops.
Thor's Ire15Raises an ally's Critical by 10 for one turn only.
Ninis's Grace15Raises an ally's Defence and Resistance by 10 for one turn only.
Filla's Might15Raise an ally's Attack by 10 for one turn only.
Set's Litany15Increases an ally's Evasion by 10 for one turn.
Emblem Seal-Raise Accuracy and Evasion by 10.
Flametongue-Enemy only.
Angelic Robe1Increase max HP by 7.
Energy Ring1Increases Strength/Magic by 2.
Secret Book1Increases Skill by 2.
Speed Wing1Increases Speed by 2.
Dracoshield1Increase Defence by 2.
Talisman1Increase Resistance by 2.
Body Ring1Increases CON by 2.
Boots1Increases movememnt by 2.