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Triangle Attack
What is the Triangle attack?
The triangle attack is a special attack, that requires 3 units before the Sacred Stones and Path of Radiance, it traditonially required 3 units of the same class i.e 3 Falcon Knights, or 3 Knights.
In Sacred Stones it requires two Falcon Knights and a Wyvern knight. Also the effect of the Triangle atatck is slightly different, also the Wyvern Knights pierce skill is used as well as the x3 damage(Critical Hit), reducing your enemies defence to 0 and inflicting the damage.
Conditions to activate the Triangle Attack
  • First you need 2 Falcon Knights and a Wyvern Knight
  • Next position the two Falcon Knights adjacent(next) to the enemy unit
  • Now attack the enemy with the Wyvern knight
  • The Triangle attack will now activate dealing x3 damage and reduce the enemy Defence to 0

A video is available to download showing how the triangle attack works.
Download Zip (9.51MB)
Download RAR (2.19MB)
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