» History
Chapter 1: History Reveiled
Version 1
Planetheck was born, we had alot planned including games like Breath of Fire, and animes such as Gundam Wing, and DBZ.
The "layout" sucked not knowing a thing aotu HTML we used angelfires beginner editor, which sucked.
Version 2
Nakian was enlisted to help offering to make our very first layout, which was made out of frames, basic but it was a start, he also did some info on Resident evil series as well.
I had a layout for sonic and zelda up both where pretty basic though, but i got quite a bit of info up.
Version 3
Nothing much i just got a gundam wing style layout.
Version 4,5,6
Nothing much happened cept i learned how to make my own layouts. They had 2 navigation bars on each side and content in the middle, 5 + 6 and 7 where just different variations of 4.
Actually one layout wasn't released somewhere.
Version 8
i made a new layout slightly wider than the others, had a few more table at the top, was a ok layout.
Version 9
I made a new layout, pretty much the same as before, cept with a better banner, and images in the nav menus, my favourite and best layout yet.